Book Release: ‘Everyday Espionage’ goes live!

Every now and then we surprise ourselves. Such is the case today as I announce the release of the first installment in my Everyday Espionage book series!

For anyone who thinks that accomplishment happens alone, I must offer an opposing view. Alone, we doubt. Alone, we fear. Alone, we convince ourselves that we are not good enough, not worthy, and not able. Only through community can we connect with a power source strong enough to combat our own self-doubt.

Everyday Espionage: Winning the Workplace is going to see the light of day on November 21st, 2017 because of a community; a group of people who encouraged me, supported me, and even gave me their talents because they believed this book would change lives. I promise you I could not have done this alone. Alone, I am weak. In my community, I am strong.

There is something you want to build; something you want to change. And alone, you’ve struggled, doubted, and feared. But hear me now when I say to you that FEAR FEARS COMMUNITY. There is no room for doubt when your head and heart are filled with encouragement and confidence from others. The struggle stops when you accept help.

The world is waiting for you to build your legacy. Your team is ready… are you?

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