Growth in Groups

I was privileged to see a recent project I’ve been working on come to life this week! In the Fall of 2017, actor and voice talent Colby Boothman-Shepard (Jurassic World, Star Wars: Battlefront, Mythbusters) asked me to serve as a consultant on a new film screenplay he was developing. This past Sunday, I got to see that screenplay read through by a group of talented men and women at the beautiful Andi Matheny Acting Studio in St Petersburg, Florida!

Watching Colby’s creative journey to develop his screenplay was humbling and impressive. I have a new respect now for those brave enough to make a career in the film industry. But even more impressive was seeing the host of people who came together for nearly four hours to breathe life into Colby’s work under bright lights and the watchful eye of an experienced Hollywood veteran – the lovely Andi Matheny herself!

I have stood side-by-side with paramilitary, Special Forces, and elite intelligence operators for more than a decade. This Sunday reminded me that whether you are part of a cast or combatants, growth is found in groups that choose to focus on a shared goal. Well done and good luck, Colby!

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