True Talent

I spent my afternoon rediscovering Tampa’s beauty with photographer and gifted creative Caleb Daniel. I hired Caleb based on a peer recommendation but found him to be far more than just a talented photographer. The best artists are able to see beauty as it lives in the moment. Caleb introduced me to moments I never would have noticed had he not been there beside me.

The mission of the day was to get new professional headshots. Instead, Caleb found a way to unlock my joy and comfort and capture them on film. I have high ambitions for 2018, and with people like Caleb supporting me I have every faith that my ambitions will be met.

I do not envy him the job of going through our hundreds of photos from today, finishing them and preparing them for social media, marketing, and promotional use. I do envy him, however, his totally natural way of loving every minute he is alive. Thank you for making my world a little brighter today, Caleb.

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