Espionage and Culture

I enjoyed a great crowd and great questions during my ‘Espionage by the Numbers’ presentation at the Carrollwood Cultural Center tonight!

Espionage has come to the forefront of conversation in our current world. With Cold War style espionage happening hand-in-hand with soft-power espionage, whistle-blowers bringing conspiracy theory to reality, and confusion between enemy and ally, never before as the topic of espionage been more relevant. As a former Agency officer and forever dedicated public servant, I was proud and humbled to see my audience so informed and hungry to learn more.

Our culture has always been shaped by spying, even though we never knew it. But the modern world is different. Information is available everywhere, tearing away the fabric of secrecy and bringing things to light that challenge our worldview and force us to ask hard questions about truth, deceit, trust and responsibility. I’m proud to be one of the voices engaging in the conversation. I look forward to hearing your questions; we only grow by asking.

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  1. Wish I’d have known about the talk at Carillon, I would like to have attended. I’m sure it was fascinating.

    • Thanks, Robyn – it looks like I will be going back to Carrollwood Cultural Center again in November, if you are interested =) Aaron Washington has reserved me for a second presentation (the same Espionage presentation), and I am sure you can contact him at the Center for details. Thanks for the interest and I hope to see you there! -Andy

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