Say ‘Yes’ to Special Operations

When I was asked if I would be the guest speaker for a meeting at US Special Operations Command headquarters, there was only one right answer… ‘YES’

While I no longer wear a uniform, I am still proud to serve and defend my nation in any way possible. And when USSOCOM contacted me and asked me to come in for a demonstration, it took me a moment to realize that my nation was calling me back. This time, I could serve without a uniform, without a gun, and with a full beard! I didn’t have to call anyone sir or ma’am, and the senior leaders at headquarters simply called me, ‘Andy.’

As Americans, we owe special gratitude to those who still wear the uniform, still make the sacrifices, and still promise to be on the front line while the rest of us enjoy our freedoms. Walking through Special Operation Command headquarters today remind me how humble and brave America’s troops can be. On any given day, they could be out in the cold, the heat, getting shot at, and losing sleep. But when they come home, they reach their hand out across the table to us, say hello, and live to serve.

They do not expect our thanks, which makes it all the more powerful when we give it. Thank you to all the troops serving at home and abroad, and know that you can count on me anytime to give back.

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