Building Better Networks

It was a privilege to share my Networking workshop with Civic and Business leaders at the Dunedin Fine Arts Center yesterday!

Networking often feels more like a burden than an opportunity. I see frustration and fatigue on the faces of those who attend my talk as they walk in the door. Elevator pitches, role plays, referral minimums and monthly fees are draining – we all know it!

But something changes in those same faces as I challenge them to make Networking a relational event instead of a transactional event. Suddenly, the burden dissipates and people realize there is a better way. Common bonds will always out-perform Business Cards; peers will out-last pitches; and relationships will out-live referrals.

My sincere thanks to the City of Dunedin and the Dunedin Kiwanis Club for letting me bring my message to their community!

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