Winner’s Circle

Not everybody knows this, but I regularly compete in public speaking competitions. Aside from admitting that I’m a total nerd, I am unabashedly proud of the selfless, inspiring, and faithful friends I’ve made competing the last two years.

I was fortunate to take first place again this year in the District 48 Toastmasters International Evaluation Contest, keeping my championship title for two years in a row. And while many people congratulated me and sang praises about my performance, I know that my role in the victory was small. The real heroes of the night were those who supported my journey, those who coached me selflessly, and those who challenged themselves to compete along side me.

The winner’s circle is often mistaken as the place where champions get recognized. In fact, it is the place where victors recognize how blessed they are to have a circle of winners around them.

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  1. Your carefully crafted message is as profound as your humility and sincerity! I honestly believe we succeed at what we love to do and also help others to do. This is the true spirit of crafting and delivering feedback to anyone on any subject. Ultimately, it is the coaching spirit that we nurture in ourselves to assist those we know and care about to their greatest potential.

    • Thanks very much for the read and the feedback, Bob! I am hopeful to continue growing my ‘coaching spirit’ in the years ahead. There is a lot of good karma I need to pay forward ❤️

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