Tampa Bay Times Release

I was humbled and honored today to be featured by the Tampa Bay Times, a Pulitzer Prize winning newspaper.

When Features reporter Christopher Spata reached out to me, I did not understand why he found my story to be so compelling. Over the course of the week, as Christopher engaged me, my family, my friends, and my coworkers, he helped me realize that my story – the only history I’ve ever known – was one that could bring joy and comfort into the hearts of readers around the country. He taught me that we are often unable to recognize the impact our story can have on others. I am thankful to Christopher for having the talent and vision to teach me something new.

It was an awesome adventure to dig through my history, and even fall in love with my story, as Christopher and I sorted through records and contact lists. We connected some dots and failed to connect others that CIA had successfully erased from history. In the end, we had fun and hopefully you will enjoy the read.

The Tampa Bay Times is on a mission was to find truth, build community, and capture history in the making. I believe my mission runs in parallel, building a future better than the past we will one day leave behind.

One Life. No Compromises.

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