Spies Next Door

As a husband, I know how amazing my wife is. Every bit of good in me is amplified by her. But many people never get to see her courage, intelligence, or humor as she supports me quietly from the sidelines.

My wife has always been the silent sentinel, working diligently behind the scenes to support and protect the people she loves the most. She was the consummate intelligence professional when I met her, and she is no less humble today than she was then. She is the hero I always wanted to be.

So imagine my joy when NBC invited her to speak on National Television. They called us the ‘Spies Next Door’, and asked us to share a bit of a our story; how we met, how we fell in love. And as the cameras panned on her, and as the questions came, she used every second of her spotlight to highlighting others.

I am thankful to get to be a lifelong student to this woman. Our family, and all Americans, are lucky to have her.

I love you, Jihi.

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