A Brand Is Born!

July 2018 was a special month for me. My baby girl turned one year old, I finished my MBA, and I completed the inaugural presentation of Everyday Espionage to an audience of over 200 people! While revenue was earmarked for Tampa Bay non-profit partners, the turnout, interest, and humbling support from attendees solidified my resolve that Everyday Espionage had the potential to change the world for the better.

It is with a grateful heart and excited spirit that today I announce the official launch of the Everyday Espionage brand! I am overjoyed that my wife has decided to partner with me to build EE into something bigger and more impactful than I ever could have created alone. My vision, her creativity, and the financial support of dozens of early adopters is the soil where we plant this first seed.

Now we turn our sights to the coming months. Everyday Espionage is booked for another presentation in Fall 2018, we have partnered with a Podcast production company to launch a branded podcast in Winter 2018, and we are finalizing 1-day and 3-day immersive training experiences built around EE concepts.

I do not know what the future holds but I have perfect faith in the journey! To those who have taken up the EE brand with us already, Thank You! To those who have yet to discover EE, we look forward to meeting you. And to the rest, we are happy to introduce you to an alternate path…

One Life. No Compromises.

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  1. I am lookimg forward to attending your EE in the fall of 2018 and wish I had not missed the July series. Reading through the description of each session I see unique perspectives on the different strategies for success.

    • Thanks for the comment, Robyn! The Fall lectures get the advantage of lessons-learned from the summer series… hahaha. I hope to announce the exact dates in Tampa and St. Petersburg soon!

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