Out There

I just finished recording the first season of my upcoming podcast – ‘The Everyday Espionage Podcast’. I was shocked at how challenging and humbling the journey from episode zero to episode 15 has been!

While I have always enjoyed conversation and sharing knowledge with others, it’s a different animal to be talking to a microphone and shifting your attention between multiple camera angles! Even now, the work is far from over – with hours of post-production editing and audio work yet to be done.

Putting yourself out there – whether on stage, over the air waves or into the internet stream – is uncomfortable. Some will like what you have to share… many will not. But our role is to be courageous enough, adventurous enough, to share and let others judge. The only other option is to be the one judging, which is no adventure at all.

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  1. So very true, especially with todays threat of violence for having an opposing political viewpoint. I have stepped out but with an alias. The one time I dared to show my opinion by wearing a subtle T-shirt supporting my president in public, within the hour I was verbally assaulted by an older woman a department store. I will never put a bumper sticker on my car.

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