About Andrew

I am an improvement junkie. I surround myself with knowledge, experiences, and people who can help me grow and I look for opportunities to share what I’ve learned with others. Chief among what I’ve learned is this:

The mind is gatekeeper to the man.

As a US Air Force combat veteran, former CIA intelligence officer and Fortune 10 corporate advisor, my mind has always been the cornerstone of my success. I believe the mind is the window to opportunity. When the window is foggy, cracked or covered, we can not see the opportunities around us. But when we work to keep that window clean, protected and open, endless opportunity awaits. Mental fortitude, objective assessment, interpersonal communication, and intrinsic motivation have helped me to accomplish everything I’ve set my mind to achieve. The same can be true for anyone willing to listen and learn.

I believe all people can learn to master their mind, leverage their talents, and achieve their potential. Despite where I’ve been and what I’ve done, at my core I am no different from anyone else. My mind has made my accomplishments possible. Imagine what your mind can unlock for you.

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