Book Release: ‘Everyday Espionage’ goes live!

Every now and then we surprise ourselves. Such is the case today as I announce the release of the first installment in my Everyday Espionage book series!

For anyone who thinks that accomplishment happens alone, I must offer an opposing view. Alone, we doubt. Alone, we fear. Alone, we convince ourselves that we are not good enough, not worthy, and not able. Only through community can we connect with a power source strong enough to combat our own self-doubt.

Everyday Espionage: Winning the Workplace is going to see the light of day on November 21st, 2017 because of a community; a group of people who encouraged me, supported me, and even gave me their talents because they believed this book would change lives. I promise you I could not have done this alone. Alone, I am weak. In my community, I am strong.

There is something you want to build; something you want to change. And alone, you’ve struggled, doubted, and feared. But hear me now when I say to you that FEAR FEARS COMMUNITY. There is no room for doubt when your head and heart are filled with encouragement and confidence from others. The struggle stops when you accept help.

The world is waiting for you to build your legacy. Your team is ready… are you?

Practical Persuasion

It was a great weekend to be in Venice, FL with the fine women and men of Toastmasters District 48! I had a busy speaking schedule teaching “Practical Persuasion” to outstanding audiences in excellent workshop spaces with standing room only! I was humbled and inspired by the stories of the people I met, and look forward to a long relationship with this dedicated group of learners.

“Practical Persuasion” is a one-hour workshop I designed to introduce fundamental persuasion concepts to a broad range of professionals. This workshop demonstrates how techniques used by statesmen, salesman, and spies can also be applied at home, at work, and in life to get what you want and reach your goals. While most people consider persuasion to be a manipulative or negative act,”Practical Persuasion” shows how the persuasive process can be motivating, constructive and empowering.

To the brave volunteers who stepped up to participate during the workshop, I know that you will not soon forget that, “Everyone in the world eats RICE!” For anyone interested in learning how LROC and RICE can grow your mission, network, or business, help me bring “Practical Persuasion” to your organization today!


My first book has been officially approved for release by CIA Headquarters! Agency officers must sign a lifetime non-disclosure agreement, including a clause saying that all written material must be approved by a CIA publication review board prior to public release. This means resumes, articles, books and more that pertain to CIA operations must be reviewed and redacted to protect sources and methods.

My breakout book, Everyday Espionage: Winning the Workplace has been approved for release and hits digital book sellers in mid-November. For those closest to me, who have shared and supported my journey, I wanted to ‘leak’ the book cover for you. My success is a reflection of my community… This cover belongs to you!

Starting Point

Every journey starts at the same place: the starting point. When we look forward from where we are, we always feel like we are at the starting point. But once we actually move forward, its hard to determine exactly where we started. Such is the case for me today as I prepare to give a workshop on ‘Practical Persuasion’ to a large audience in Venice, FL.

I look at the URL for this page and see my name… talk about awkward! When I was a kid, the internet was effectively owned by America Online (AOL). Now that I ‘own’ a few pieces of worldwide web property (,, I look back and wonder how I got here. Was my starting point that first time I popped a complimentary AOL CD in my dad’s bulky IBM PC?

Perhaps my starting point was during some painful military exercise, when I was cold and alone on a mountain in Colorado. Or during a covert operation with CIA, trying to evade surveillance while maintaining a low profile in a country I didn’t belong. Wherever my starting point was, I can’t see it now as I look back. Maybe where I started isn’t really what matters. Maybe what matters is that I chose to start at all.

Every one of us has the choice to move forward. We can all go from ‘our name’ to ‘branding our name.’ The starting point is now. It always has been. I have the opportunity to teach others because I started teaching. What will you start today?