Winner’s Circle

You may be surprised to learn how winners view the winner’s circle.

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Opportunity Ahead

If there is anything I have learned over my professional years, it’s that opportunities only stop appearing when we stop looking for them. No amount of frustration, discouragement, or fatigue will impact the availability of opportunity. For those who seek it, it will be found. For those who stop looking, it will illude. 2018 will […]

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One Life. No Compromises

The best way to learn is from one another, and I listen to others far more than I speak to others. Maybe that it why I love to speak. For every hour I am on stage, I get to spend many more hours listening to the people I meet off stage. My content gets stronger with every compliment and criticism I receive. My fear of failure gets less with every success and mistake. And most importantly, I get to share experiences with people I may never have met otherwise.

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